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"Welcome to my site !"

I live in the small city of Leuven, central in Belgium and the EU, located north of France, south of the Netherlands, east of England, and west of Germany. The famous "Stella Artois" is brewed in my home town.

I compose songs, sing, and play guitars, and bass. I enjoy this life, with my lovely wife and 3 great kids. During the day I work at a European distribution centre - as a warehouse controller/operator on SAP.

On evenings I like to surf the internet, and listen to music. I love reading about making music, the gear used and the recording done with it. I still write songs myself, but quite a bit less then I used to do.

On these pages you'll find studio pictures, information about digital recording, and some fun stuff.  I try to keep these pages updated, and nice looking.

I had to take my guestbook away, as it was haunted by spy-bots, with porno entries & spam! Too bad ... but these things do happen .. Cool

On  the internet .. Yeah

Thanks to music recordings, I made new friends. Mostly musicians, like me, who share their passion. Many record at home. Todays technology allows us that. We help eachother with advise .. Recording is fun, but often complicated at the same time. The web allows us sharing those interests. You're never alone in things you feel, want, or encountered, in this confusing life .. People are glad solving problems, when you are polite. A smile opens all doors. 

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